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May 31, 2018

Kalin Stoyanchev, the Project Lead at RNDR and VP of Distributed Systems and Blockchain at OTOY, is our guest this episode. Kalin does an excellent job of explaining how blockchain in general is impacting VR/AR/MR, & where RNDR fits within the ecosystem.

RNDR is a decentralized rendering software. Built on a blockchain-based system, RNDR is a decentralized and open global rendering system that makes high-powered rendering tools readily available to Hollywood studios and everyday content creators alike. With a future of AR and VR becoming an increasing reality, somebody is going to need to render all those virtual worlds.

RNDR’s parent company, OTOY, is the company who built Octane Render - which is the rendering software used in WestWorld’s show opening.

You can find out more about RNDR at

Learn more about the VR/AR Association and the upcoming VR/AR Global Summit by visiting the following link: