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Mar 28, 2017

Dr. Emma Nichols joins the show to discuss ways her website, helps people stay up on the latest research regarding VR & AR in the medical space by being a one stop location for people wanting more information.

Other links mentioned during this episode are:

Mar 23, 2017

Learn more about how, and why, Nicolas Alcala of Future Lighthouse has made the switch from traditional filmmaking into the world of VR & AR filmmaking.

Nicolas talks about this and shares tips on how content creators can also make the jump and why they should consider it and much more.

Feel free to connect with Nicolas...

Mar 7, 2017

This episode features Emmy nominated broadcaster Cathy Hackl who is now the Chief Communications & Content Officer at Future Lighthouse.

Cathy & Kevin discuss a variety of topics including her career in journalism and pivoting towards a social media focus. Cathy was also the Director of Summit Live in 2015 as live...

Mar 3, 2017

Dr. Brandon Birckhead of Immergence Tech joins the podcast to talk about distraction therapy and the benefits of virtual and augmented reality technology in the medical and dental industries.

Also learn more about his new company, Immergence Tech, as well as cold pressor immersion testing as it relates to distraction...