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Jun 24, 2021

Join Tyler and Sophia with our guest Matthieu Lorrain, Head of Creative, Google AR Partnerships, in a conversation around his dedication to digital creativity and his thoughts on building immersive experiences to improve society in our new virtually augmented world he calls “Post Reality”. 


Jun 17, 2021

Tyler and Sophia speak with Ada Rose Cannon, Developer Advocate for the Samsung Web Browser Samsung Internet and Co-chair of the Immersive Web Working Group at the W3C.  They discuss WebXR and the exciting innovations and advancements that this technology framework is having on immersive content.


Jun 10, 2021

James Watson, founder of XRTech Marketing and Co-Chair, shares his expertise on the enterprise/training market and how to help the end customer understand the impact of VR/AR to help drive the industry forward. 


Jun 3, 2021

Greg Jones, Senior Business Development XR at NVIDIA joins Tyler and Sophia to discuss the power of streaming in the cloud and how NVIDIA's CloudXR will empower and enable the immersive technology industry.


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