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Jul 20, 2017

This week Kevin talks with Steven Bambury who is the Head of Digital Learning and Innovation across the JESS Dubai schools in Dubai.

Steven shares all sorts of experiences as he has helped to introduce students to a variety of forms of virtual and augmented reality devices and software including Google Tilt Brush and...

Jul 13, 2017

It is hard to believe but it has been over a year since the VRAR Association founder Nathan Pettyjohn has joined us on the Everything VR & AR Podcast, so we thought it would be a good time to catch up on what all has been going on with the VRARA along with getting Nathan's thoughts on how the industry has grown over the...

Jul 6, 2017

This week, Yulio Founder, CEO and Managing Director Rob Kendal joins Kevin to talk about how Toronto based Yulio helps turn 3D content into immersive experiences.

We also discuss what Rob's first VR experience was like along with how he feels that Yulio stands out from others in the space.

Also, make sure to check out...