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Nov 17, 2016

On past episodes we have discussed the importance of audio and visual in regards to augmented & virtual reality. Kharis O'Connell who is the Head of Product of Archiact VR joins Kevin to discuss why design is such an important aspect to focus on in the AR/VR industry along with the increasingly popular mixed reality space.

Archiact VR has a solid set of software available for multiple platforms that you may already be familiar with which you can see here.

As someone who lists Apple, Samsung and Nokia as previous companies he has been a part of, Kharis has a strong resume which includes the O'Reilly Media published book titled "Designing for Mixed Reality".

Kharis also shares his thoughts on whom is doing things right in regards to currently available hardware and much more.

Have a listen and make sure to grab a free copy of "Designing for Mixed Reality" here.


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